Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

50th panty black

meine erste u-hose im 50er stil. hochgeschlossen, knapper beinausschnitt, einfache gummibündchen aus lycra schwarz gemustert. weitere werden folgen!i started my own underwear. i love 50th style so i tried some pieces and this is my first wearable panty with high waist, low legs and simple elastic band. i used lycra black colour.


  1. Wearing in a post some days ago!

    ... and maybe we can follow each others?!

    1. hello and wow, i'm impressed that you found and like my stuff :)
      and i'm amused about the imagination about me in my 50th panty for a pic :)) i really don't know if you or anybody else wanna see this:)) but i will think about it..

      i follow you (of course), feeling honored and wish you a happy day!!!